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Thursday, February 21st 2013. | Interior

It is already said in the previous articles that Asian theme is now playing an important role in architectural design, they do not only famous for their simply furniture design but also for the color schemes which are considered to be attractive since they tend to create the balance look for the room. In this article we will see some of Asian Paints Color Shades that are applicable for your interior design.Asian Interior Paints Color Shades
Asian Paints Color ShadesThere are various colors that are usually attached to Asian interior design, first are pink; this type of color is usually applied in today’s Korean design to create a girly room. This type of color can perfectly matched with any other light colors especially light blue and white.  But of course pink scheme can’t be attached to any type of rooms; since you need to consider who is the person that going to use the room. While red painting tend to create a passionate and romantic atmosphere, it will be applicable when you manage them to a more private room.Asian Red Paints Color Shades
Asian Interior Paints Color Shades Elegant

Simple Asian Interior Paints Color ShadesOrange is also one of Asian color shade that are applicable of the interior design, this type of color will help you  in strengthening the warm atmosphere of your house which will give more energy to your interior performance. Beside, yellow can also give the similar effect to your house, it can also create a joyful atmosphere for your family; these types of colors will be applicable for those who have children, so you can make an attractive look not only for your taste but also for the children.

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