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The right space in the sleeping area is no longer a big deal if you can apply the small bedroom ideas in fun, detail and fascinating ways. If you decorate the area with a lot of fuss, it is the time for you to donate and throw out the unessential lamps on the thrift stores. You need to bring a new look by making the room modern and fun. Use a new color for expressing a new flair. It can make the room look bigger if you select the pale and soft colors. The accessories, pictures, paintings and pillows can be in bold colors since they can brighten the room. Brighten the Small Bedroom Ideas-01

The furniture pieces in the small bedroom can be in light colors. You can repaint the bed frame, dresser, chest, nightstand and headboard with pastel color. If you want classic pieces, you can choose white. If you want to make the room casual, use tan or beige. The small bedroom ideas can look great if you can make a bold statement in the room. You are benefited by picking the bold shade for the textile and fabric used in the bedroom. If you want to deliver the magnificent style, you can hang a sheer curtain from ceiling to floor. It can be in pastel shades too. Brighten the Small Bedroom Ideas-02

The bedding can be in similar color with the curtain. If you want to add fabulous style, add a big floral red colored toss pillows on the bed. The nightstand can be decorated with a gold frame family picture. A vase of red roses can bring nice air in the room. If you want to have a nice spot for a reading area in the bedroom, you can have a small individual sofa with a tiffany lamp in maroon. An area rug can be in pink or burnt yellow. It can deliver the fabulous air in small bedroom ideas. Brighten the Small Bedroom

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