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There are many small elegant homes spreading around American. Many home owners choose the small house since it is cheaper and easier to treat than the big house. Having a small house is not a big deal since you can make it look as elegant as the big house. You need to dress up the uncomfortable and boring house with decorative items like nice curtain, luxury furniture and simple area rug. All of them should carry the harmonious effect. You can begin the drama in elegant home by picking the right wall color.

Interior Decorating Design Ideas

You can choose the soft tone to deliver elegant and opulence. If you want soothing feel, you can combine green and blue shades. Don’t choose the dark colors for they can make the small elegant homes even tighter. You can bring rich feeling by selecting the light colors like beige, golden brown, sapphire blue and ruby red. Be careful when you have to choose the furniture pieces. You can shop for the minimal and small pieces. The bulky ones can bring intimate feeling. You should understand that intimacy in small room is not good. It can make the rooms cramped. The small scale furniture can be made from wood. You can have one small sized sofa in the living room.

Small House Decorating Concept

Small Living Room Decorating Concept

The bedroom can be adorned with low height bed frame. Add some storage furniture to save your valuable knick knacks. It saves you from cluttered effect. The cabinet in the kitchen should be sleek and simple. The elaborative effect should be removed from the items. Don’t choose the furniture which has the curved leg design. The window treatment should be simple. Avoid pleated curtain since it looks heavy. You can choose the flattering one made from cotton fabric. It can be in white to deliver finesse in small elegant homes.

Modern Contemporary Bedroom Furniture

Simple Window Treatment Ideas

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