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Selecting the Interior Design of Girls Room is a bit difficult if the space is considered as shared room. The people who live in small house should share a room to minimize the consumption of space. If you have two girls, it will get efficient if you can have them sleep in one bedroom. However, both girls have different taste and personality. As parents, you need to give them freedom when they want to redecorate the personal space. New Blue Girl Bedroom Designs
2013 Popular Girl Bedroom Design
2013 pink girls bedroom decorationYou can make the bedroom inviting and welcoming even though it is a shared room. You need to welcome the participation of your girls when selecting the style.  You need to choose the color for the initial decoration. The three walls can be accented in light color, while one wall can painted in bold and dark shade. It can be used as a focal wall in the room. Then you can set twin beds against the focal wall. The bed should be decorated with nice printed bedding. Most girls love to have fairies, princes, hello kitty or even floral bedding. Let them decide the print for the bedding. The wall in interior design of girls room should not be left in bare accent. 2013 Girls Bedroom Design Ideas
2013 Girls Bedroom Decorating Style
Teenage Girls Bedroom DecorYou can hang a framed painting or photo above the headboard of the bed frame. If the bedroom is equipped with several windows, you can have lace curtain that looks contrast with the color of the wall. For example, if the wall is painted in pink, you can have the lace curtain in white or blue. Then you put a mini dresser on the room. But ensure that each girl has her own dresser. It can give them privacy for their own belonging and valuable items. If you cannot place any dresser due to the limited space, you can purchase a bed with under bed storage space for functional interior design of girls room. Simple Pink Girl Bedroom Interior

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