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There are some considerations that you need to note when you like to choose the popular dining room colors 2013. Painting the wall is regarded as the easiest way to bring dramatic look at home. You can make the dining room look new and modern with perfect tone. You can also make it look classic and traditional. The selection of color brings the mood and air in the room. Before you pick a certain color, you need to define the size your dining room. If it is made in big space, you are free to choose the dark shades for they can make the dining room more intimate and traditional to view.

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If it is small, you need to pick the light shade of color for it can make your wall away. The people who want to enjoy a formal like style should never paint the wall in bright colors. You need to choose the muted or solid ones. If you love with bright colors like orange, sunny yellow, brick red, lime green, hot pink or even violet, you can go the casual design. White is still considered as the one of the popular dining room colors 2013. It offers with various tones to mix and match. You can go with creamy, ivory antique, antique white, muted white and icy white.

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The decor in the dining room like window covering, table linen, area rug and napkin should complement with wall paint. It will look plain if those decors are available in similar color with wall paint. You need to bring contrast to make the dining room vibrant and crisp. If you love with pattern, you can go with the striped one for it can deliver taller or even wider look. You can pick the combination of blue and white, cream and beige, red and black, black and white stripes for the most popular dining room colors 2013.


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