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Staging A Kitchen

When it comes to the anatomy of the house, the heart of the kitchen. It's where you're going to make dinners when you're getting guests, and where you're going to spend lazy weekend mornings preparing. So, how can you build a room that strikes the right balance between warmth and functionality?

The kitchen is one of the biggest selling points in any house. Home buyers want to fall in love with this space, and they may play a big part in whether they wish to bid or walk away.

Of course, kitchens can be a major turn-off to customers whether they're out of date or unappealing. Many people are searching for a "move-in ready" house and don't want to be burdened by what they believe is going to be an expensive upgrade down the line. If they are torn between two houses and one has a good kitchen while the other needs some effort, odds are they'll be persuaded to go for the former.

When it comes to styling a kitchen, we asked home stagers for their best ideas. These tips will, sure, sell prospective customers to your kitchen. But even if your home isn't on the market, embracing any of these kitchen style rules will help you build a lovely environment to have fun.

Clear the countertops of your kitchen

The first thing you have to do in every kitchen before putting your home on the market is clearing the countertops. Both small appliances, such as a toaster or a mixer, should be stored in a refrigerator. Only a few chosen items of decoration should be left out. Buyers enjoy a lot of countertop space in the kitchen, but having them decluttered would show off yours and make the kitchen feel bigger as a whole.

Kitchen countertops staging

Don't go nuts with the kitchen decor as you put up kitchen countertops. I saw a lot of pictures before and after that, where the "after" shot looked more cluttered than the "before."

New flowers in a vase will bring colour to your kitchen. Keep it simple but beautiful. Bear in mind that the barer the countertop you have, the bigger the workspace becomes.

Give every surface in the kitchen a thorough clean

Next, you ought to scrub your kitchen thoroughly until it shines. Make sure to clean the exterior of the cabinets and the countertops with a cloth and a solution to give the room a new smell.

  • Wipe inside and out the refrigerator and clear any grime that has been building up.
  • Scrub the sink and make sure to eliminate any rough water stains by using a rag covered in white vinegar on any hard spot.
  • Sprinkle the soda over grout, fill the spray bottle with white vinegar and sprinkle the vinegar over the grout. Scrub it with a brush and wash it away. You're going to be shocked how good it cleans up.
  • Get rid of the burnt food stains on the stove with the cook's top scrubbing pad and Bar Keepers Mate. When you've got a ceiling fan, polish the blades.

Then mop up the kitchen until it shines like fresh again!

Kitchen Cleaning For Staging

Consider re-painting your kitchen

Painting cabinets are comparatively affordable, but they are an advanced, labour-intensive DIY home staging project. You're going to need supplies, paint and at least two weekends to get the job done (maybe more, depending on the size of your kitchen). Expect a lot of sanding and detail work that is vital to a professional end product and prepare to work in the garage.

When picking a paint colour, search out other listings and latest deals and see what the customers are searching for now. The combination of white cabinets with a navy or black kitchen island was one of the most common in top-of-the-line listings-or you may want to try checking out the latest style trends and adding a splash of colour to your kitchen.

You may want to make a small or large kitchen renovation

Upgrade smaller spaces and take a peek at modernising your kitchen cabinets to the current fashion trends based on your home decor. Upgrade your lighting fixtures and kitchen windows to encourage neutral colour and light to really stand out. Replace your kitchen singing, or if you really need to, you may want to consider a big kitchen renovation and get a skilled kitchen stage to help make your kitchen look great.

Accessorize with things that make sense in your kitchen

After you've decluttered your countertops, it's time to add some pizza. You don't want to leave the counters bare. How dull it is! Decorative canisters, spices, fruit plates, nice cookbooks, fresh tea towels, etc. (things you would usually see in the kitchen) make it a nice décor. If you need all those documents and schedules easily, find a good basket or lid box to hide them in and act as an extra storage area.

Apply fun accessories to bring life and comfort to your kitchen

Interior designer Sarah Robertson from Studio Dearborn, New York, suggests adding coloured pops to a neutral kitchen. Choose a hue that fits with the neighbouring rooms and then use it in a number of ways in your preference of roses, pillows, and pots.

When a whole new range of kitchen appliances is out of budget, the most important thing is to balance the appliances. So resist the temptation to convert only one appliance to stainless steel and leave the rest—easier it's to have a matching kitchen with white or black appliances than a matching package.

Light up the kitchen right

Let as much natural light into room as you can when you're home staging kitchens, either by opening thick sheets or covering them with sheer frames. Do you have a kitchen that looks out onto a patio or a balcony through glass doors?

In order to illuminate the space, these must sparkle. If you don't have the under-cabinet lamps, just get them. For very little space, you can buy battery-powered puck-shaped light fixtures and stick them under the cabinets (it adds that extra glow that every cook covets).

A staged kitchen is not necessarily a practical kitchen

Staging your home is the first step in letting go, which isn't always easy. If you're planning your house to bring it on the market, it's time to make a change from thinking of it as your home to treating it as a place that's about to be sold.

Staging, when done properly, will help make the home more desirable to customers and help them sell quicker, and maybe even a little more. Isn't it easier to have the best impression from the outset, and not to have to live through countless open houses before making a sale? Bear this in mind as you plan the first impressions of your kitchens.

Finally, a few finishing touches to the kitchen

  • Set up fresh fruit
  • Set out some fresh flowers, lemons, or greenery
  • Attach new, fresh tea towels
  • Set your fancy hand and dish soap on a plate
  • Keep the windows open and transparent
  • Open shelving style
  • Add a stack of cookbooks to a bit of elegance
Beautiful Staged Kitchen